Tuesday, 7 July 2009

DiS June 2009 Google Analytics Stats

The year so far stats seemed rather popular on here, so thought some of you might be curious to know http://drownedinsound.com's stats for June 2009, which has been a rather big month for the site.

Most Read:
  1. Oasis In Photos - although 68% of the traffic on these were from Google
  2. Artist 'n' Artist: Frederick Blood-Royale meets The Mars Volta
  3. Glastonbury In Photos: Lady Gaga - again mostly Google and also bbc.co.uk
  4. In Photos: Glastonbury 2009 - Day 1
  5. Review: Sonic Youth - The Eternal
Traffic Sources

% Visits

google (organic)
299,447 47.25%

(direct) ((none))
150,461 23.74%

drownedinsound.com (referral)
36,929 5.83%

en.wikipedia.org (referral)
17,444 2.75%

twitter.com (referral)
12,241 1.93%

Overall stats:
  • 633,742 Visits
  • 308,254 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 2,722,717 Pageviews
  • 4.30 Average Pageviews
  • 00:06:06 Time on Site
  • 49.44% Bounce Rate
  • 41.82% New Visits

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Dave Nattriss said...

FYI, your pageviews are almost exactly the same as thelondonpaper.com's. However, they're now on the rise thanks to Google News inclusion.

Sentric Music said...

Good work Sean!

Add a few more Lolcats and those figures will at least triple.


Anonymous said...

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