Monday, 13 July 2009

Nail on the Head: Music vs Music Biz quote from Seth Godin

Seth Godin:

"We need to make a distinction between the music business and music. There’s more music now than ever before, listened to more often, by more people. There’s no music shortage, there’s no music problem. The music industry however is a group of people who don’t necessarily play music but is trying to profit from the people who do. What we have is three people involved now, we have the listener, we have the musicians, and we have the industry, with the industry trying to put a tax on the relationship between the musician and the listener. Musicians will get paid when they lead people and the leading includes not just producing a song that someone wants to listen to but creating all the stuff that goes around it that people are willing to pay for: experiences, souvenirs, connections."

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marcushsoiled said...

interesting comments. I was at your talk in Newcastle tonight. I like your comments on creating a niche. unfortunatel there comes a time when an artist needs a third party. Then the industry drives that artist.

Interestingly I never set up a website first. i knocked out some cd-r promos and sent them to Radio and magazines and got lucky.

marcus h

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