Sunday, 26 July 2009

Drowned in Sound Recordings // Spotify Playlist

Bat For Lashes – The Wizard
Martha Wainwright – I Wish I Were
Jeniferever – From Across the Sea
Youthmovies – The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor
The Koreans – Machine Code
Kaiser Chiefs – Born to Be a Dancer (demo)
Les Incompétents – How it all Went Wrong
Metric – Handshakes
thisGIRL – Oscilloscope Love
Blood Red Shoes – Try Harder
Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT mix)
Les Incompétents – Chapter Two
thisGIRL – Drake
Redjetson – This, Every Day, For The Rest Of Your Life
The Stills – Helicopters
Jeniferever – Alvik
Emily Haines – Reading in Bed
Emmy The Great – The Hypnotist's Son
Martha Wainwright – Factory
Brett Anderson – Love Is Dead
Kaiser Chiefs – Caroline, Yes
Blood Red Shoes – You Bring Me Down
thisGIRL – Coffee & Giro Cheques
Youthmovies – Archive It Everywhere
The Stills – The House We Live In
Adam Gnade – Hymn California
Emmy The Great – Secret Circus
thisGIRL – St. James Gate Marylebone
Bat For Lashes – I Saw a Light
Brett Anderson – The More We Possess the Less We Own of Ourselves
Emily Haines – Our Hell
Redjetson – Stay Comfortable (Birdpen East of Here Remix)
Jeniferever – Closing In

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For anyone who's wondering, the label is currently "on hiatus" and although we've given all of the acts on our label their records back, the label have picked up the option for the next Martha Wainwright album (actually, it's her next two records) and patiently await its arrival. The singles club/RCRD LBL Mp3 blog are still ideas I wish to pursue but the past 12months (since the demise of a deal for with BSKYB and the associated fallout) have been hell plus "the record business" isn't exactly a future-proof thing to be involved with at the moment. I've spent a few year's investigating other options and hope to get back to finding, investing in/licensing and sharing great music in the future.

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Mark said...

How about a festival just using Spotify playlists?

Check it out. We have 50 VIP spotify passes to give away for the weekend so you can listen advert free


Rogboy said...

Just tried several times to load your new playlist into my Spotify, but no dice...


SeanDiS said...

That's really odd. I take it you have Spotify installed? Maybe it was a temp glitch with their service? I just double checked it and it worked ok

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