Friday, 22 May 2009 says...

On this DiS boards this week people have been sharing various mash-ups which allow you to find out a little more about your listening. Here are the results of two apps I checked out [yes, this might be about the most default blog nerdism I've ever posted but I bet some of you go away and do this on your own stats, even if you don't post it below].

'Fitting in' with the DiS group?

The similarity between user drownedinsound and group DiS is high, at 93.79%

Does your taste fit in with DiS?

Oh and this site also makes you a little tag-'cloud' of your taste. Here's mine... (I wish shitty funk bands who send me their music could see this)

alternative alternative rock british canadian electronic experimental female vocalists folk indie indie pop indie rock post-rock rock singer-songwriter

Anniversary tracks grabber

Enter your username and this'll get your anniversary tracks (those you've listened 1000th, 5000th, 10000th etc.) for you. Here's mine:

1: (2005-02-23 14:27:39): ¡Forward, Russia! - Twelve
666: (2005-10-05 10:20:30): Four Tet - First Thing
1000: (2005-11-15 11:49:42): Jeniferever - 09
2000: (2006-02-02 13:34:51): Daníel Ágúst - Nobody Else
3000: (2006-04-02 12:18:04): Feist - Feist - 07 When I Was A Young Girl
4000: (2006-06-14 08:53:53): Howling Bells - Low Happening
5000: (2006-08-02 16:14:06): Broadcast - I Found the End
6000: (2006-10-05 13:05:52): Patrick Wolf - To the Lighthouse
7000: (2006-12-08 10:55:52): Regina Spektor - Hotel Song
8000: (2007-02-19 16:12:10): Idlewild - No Emotion
9000: (2007-05-01 17:04:15): Land of Talk - All My Friends
10000: (2007-06-28 10:38:04): Justice - Phantom Pt. 2
11000: (2007-07-31 14:34:45): Kate Nash - Merry Happy
12000: (2007-08-29 13:23:16): The Shins - Sea Legs
13000: (2007-09-27 11:17:05): The Dandy Warhols - The Gospel
14000: (2007-11-01 18:03:37): Emily Haines - Nothing & Nowhere
15000: (2007-12-03 10:45:17): Sleeping States - Planning My Escape
16000: (2008-01-07 17:27:44): The Kills - Hitched
17000: (2008-02-12 00:45:39): Andrew Bird - Imitosis
18000: (2008-03-20 16:54:54): Brian Eno - Needles In The Camel's Eye
19000: (2008-06-01 13:37:15): Panic at the Disco - Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
20000: (2008-07-23 09:31:35): The Walkmen - Dónde está la Playa
21000: (2008-09-15 15:29:03): Lykke Li - Complaint Department
22000: (2008-11-21 14:40:28): Land of Talk - Troubled
23000: (2009-01-10 14:35:30): Adam Gnade & Youthmovies - It's 5 o'clock in america
24000: (2009-02-01 20:40:16): The Veils - The Tide That Left and Never Came Back
25000: (2009-02-23 17:11:46): Bat for Lashes - Glass
26000: (2009-03-13 16:03:42): Lady Sovereign - Jigsaw
27000: (2009-03-29 18:32:41): Bat for Lashes - Peace Of Mind
28000: (2009-04-30 19:55:39): The Kills - What New York Used to Be

Also this week I discovered this geekilicious stat-laden blog post, which surveyed a selection of DiS users and their listening habits . The survey discovered that Animal Collective are mathematically proven to be the biggest band of the year so far within the DiS universe.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Please Read This If You Post Me/DiS stuff


This is a brief update from to inform you (especially PR people, bands and labels) that for the next few weeks we're not receiving any CDs/Vinyl in the post as we're between offices and also because we want to try and see how it would be if we decided to become more eco-friendly on a permanent basis.

So, until further notice...


We may provide you with a new address in a few weeks but we want to see how this new environmentally friendly approach works out. In the meantime, use the wonderful powers of the web to send us stuff digitally or contact relevant individual writers for their postal addresses:

Thank you,

Founder/Editor of DiS

* = these addresses to remove include Junction Mews, Chilworth Mews, some Unit in Ladbroke Grove, some Unit in S.London and Palatine Road... we've moved around a lot and some people seem to still have very wrong addresses for us and we apologise if you have the incorrect address... We're considering setting up post-forwarding and will collect any items you may have sent in past few days, in the coming days.
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