Monday, 29 June 2009

Best Tracks of 2009... So Far: Six Month Mark Playlist

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset Part I
St. Vincent – The Strangers
Handsome Furs – Radio Kaliningrad
Sufjan Stevens – You Are The Blood
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dull Life
Dirty Projectors – No Intention
Animal Collective – Brother Sport
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
The Maccabees – No Kind Words / Bag Of Bones Part A - Album Version*
School Of Seven Bells – Iamundernodisguise
Manic Street Preachers – Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls
Metric – Gold Guns Girls
Temper trap – Science Of Fear
PJ Harvey – Black Hearted Love
Sunset Rubdown – Idiot Heart
Andrew Bird – Anonanimal
The Veils – Sit Down By The Fire
Bat For Lashes – Pearl's Dream
Soap&Skin – Spiracle
Fever Ray – Triangle Walks
Wavves – Goth Girls
The Horrors – Scarlet Fields
My Latest Novel – I Declare A Ceasefire

...i put this together at 4am with insomnia last night and there's LOTS more to follow when we run this next week, as part of DrownedinSound's year so far (in review) week as we cruise over the 6month mark this week.

See a thread with some of our readers tracks of the first 6months of 2009 here.


jon jon said...

wowzer, all white ,all the time?

SeanDiS said...

Are you actually calling me a racist? SERIOUSLY? Would it have been better if I tokenistically represented music which wasn't my favourite of the year so far? It's just a fucking playlist of songs I like, not some kind social statement.

But if you wanna get into it, at least do some research. For starters proportionately, how much art-rock/indie/whatever, that falls within my taste range, is made by people who aren't 'white'? Maybe 2% of what is talked about on DrownedinSound?

Also, if you wanna be pedantic, for starters (and I actually feel more racist pointing this out as it seriously doesn't matter what colour anyone's skin is or where they're from): Temper Trap are Indonesian, based in Oz. Both Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes and Emily Haines of Metric are of Indian descent.

I am massively offended by this accusation. it just seems that your comment is more racist for considering the absence of colour to be a statement that I'm not inclusive, when it's not even a relevant issue.

GFAB said...

You need to leave your bedroom and get some sun mate. It's all soooo miserable and introspective. Feels a bit like you're trying to be really cool and impress people with how alternative your tastes are.

How about some Britney?

Anonymous said...

Why have so many comments on 2009's various 'Best Of' lists been mentioning race? It's appeared on so many blogs/websites recently.

You are totally correct in stating that indie, rock, folk etc simply don't have many non-white artists.

What do people expect? Are they seriously suggesting that you deliberately didn't select non-white artsits because you hate black people? Ridiculous.

It's fair to ask which non-white artists have been the best in 2009, but that's a specific point about black people in music.

We have already posted our 'Best Albums of the Decade' on The Recommender, but we will also be doing our 'Best Tracks of 2009' post too, so feel free to come on by and comment about what a bunch of evil Nazi bastards we are...

Many thanks

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