Saturday, 27 June 2009

This Mess We're In

I've been drafting and deleting various blogs in relation to the Digital Britain report and how disappointed I am that, despite it being a decade since the music industry and governments dropped the ball with turning Napster legit, it might as well have been yesterday.

Before I go into any depth, I wanted to reveal some things I've found. First off, for the sake of context, here is a selection of Google Trends graphs which show how much interest, in terms of search traffic, certain sites have received:

The Rise of Twitter

The Fall of Myspace

The Growth (court case/"bad pr" related spikes?) and Scale of Pirate Bay

The Contextualized Rise of Spotify

To make your own comparision graphs visit Google Trends.

I'm sure someone much techier than me can come up with some even better graphs and would be grateful if you could pop them below as a comment if you do find anything more revealing.
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