Sunday, 10 January 2010

My/DiS' Song of the Day - Numbers 1-5 + Spotify playlist

This week, I launched a new feature on DiS. It's the bloomin' obvious concept and everyone's at it but I thought it high time we had a track/tune/song of the day on DrownedinSound. And if you add the below Spotify playlist to your playlists, you'll get the tracks automatically updated (if the songs are available).  Might have some guest choices, themed weeks and stuff like that, and will integrate it into the frontpage of the site when we have a new frontpage, which should hopefully be happening in February.

Anyway, here's what I chose for the first week of this feature...

"...a sewer of brass and into a rabbit warren of beats"

#2 - YEASAYER 'Ambling Alp'
", self-help in some back room with Purple Rain gone neon"

#3 - BEACH HOUSE 'Norway'
"huh-hur-huh ay-'ey ..soaring strings bend in twilight"

#4 - FRIGHTENED RABBIT 'Swim Until You Can't See Land'
"...the vitamin D factor... sun'n'whisky-sour-kissed bliss."

#5 - M83 'Don't Save Us From The Flames'
" a song I could happily crawl inside and die."

DiS' Song of the Day Spotify playlist:

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