Friday, 24 October 2008


One of the most successful British pop bands of recent times have joined forces with the folks who helped them kick things off...

The band say "For those that either can’t remember, or don’t know, Drowned in Sound gave Kaiser Chiefs our first leg-up in 2004, releasing the first single 'Oh My God' on their label. We’re pleased to see them doing so well these days, and to be invited back to contribute to their website this week!"

The week of content includes:
- Drummer Nick provides a bands'-eye-view of the effects of P2P, albums leaking and reveals you only need to sell 82 twelve inches to top the vinyl chart!
- Keyboard player Peanut shares his love of photography (and is undeniably good!)
- A day in the life of Ricky Wilson and he shares his love of Radio
- Bassist Simon Rix on 3D Calculus(?!)
- A mixtape of songs which inspired 'Off With Their Heads'
- A "directors commentary"-esque track-by-track incite into 'Off...' more!

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