Thursday, 16 October 2008

DiS 5.0 : your feedback is appreicated


So there was a (somewhat premature) thread cussing me and wishing Mike Diver was back a few weeks ago (me too! missing him helluva lot), back at a time before I'd really got my legs under the table and was preoccupied with sorting out redundancies, plotting and shaping the new site and especially finding out what was coming up (which was very much being thrown in at the deep end as Oct is one of the busiest months of the year for tours and releases) and slowly commissioning content, whilst getting to better know writers and pr people. Blah, blah, excuses, excuses...

I feel - despite new site teething problems, disappearing to manchester for In the City and now this week vanishing off to Iceland - like I'm (ably assisted by a few half days of Rob Webb's time and a couple of weeks of Luke Slater doing work exp') starting to turn a corner and get atop of it all at the moment and this overview has the fruits of our label and offers, I think, a great mixture of content. But do you all agree?

My aim is for there to be about 7 new bits of content on the site a day, a couple of reviews, the bigger news stories (we're gonna have a clever news feed in the coming weeks, rather than re-reporting stories, make it really easy for you to follow music news on the web) and various bits of content like mixtapes, 5 things i love, etc... Have tried to keep the volume of new music covered down (focussing in on the ones we really-really love) but we will be doing more round-ups and columns like Everett True's and the MySpace trails and various bits like that (more info: ). I'm also trying to ensure that there is plenty of my and your favourite acts covered more often, so that the less regular visitors get to know the bands we love by us repeatedly mentioning them, rather than doing one 9/10 review and then not covering them 'til end of the year round-ups.

I know the music board is a life unto itself (and accounts for about 10% of our regular readers, with another 30% lurking in here from time to time) and I'd be curious what you think of DiS 5.0 and what you'd like to see more and less of. I know things aren't gonna be the same as when there were 4 people employed full-time and 2 part-time but we're making the most of things, structuring and honing things.

Anyway, I'll shurrup and am keen to hear your thoughts and constructive suggestions.

Founder/Editor // //

p.s. The right hand column is being sorted over the next few days to hopefully lure you in to reading more, we just had loadsa IE6/7 crapola to fix.


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