Monday, 28 December 2009

Play me. Play this. Or my Spotify playlists compiled...

This year I have mostly been making playlists. Over on the DiS site we've done a weekly Spotifriday playlist. However, these 'ere playlists come in all shapes and sizes, with various themes and wotnot. I thought compiling them in one place might be useful for anyone looking for some musical guidance or simply for anyone wanting to save time making a playlist by slinging on one of mine.

If you haven't yet installed Spotify, it's free (if you don't mind a few ads) and available most places now (Americans I think can pay to use it but I might be wrong?!). 

- My Top 40 Songs of the Year
- My Top 10 Albums of the Year (plus Grizzly Bear which isn't available)
- Drowned in Sound's Top 50 Albums of 2009 (or if that's overwhelming, try the 2 tracks-from-each sampler)
- Drowned in Sound's Albums of 2009 - longlist
- Best compilations of 2009

The Noughties
- My 123 mixtape adventure
- DrownedinSound's 00s - a long list of recommended albums
- DrownedinSound's songs of the Noughties (to be completed for our 10th Anniversary in October 2010)

- A playlist of some of my favourite songs
- Drowned in Sound Recordings (my label)
- Best of/Introduction to... Elliott Smith
- Best of/Introduction to... Kraftwerk (part of Kraftwerk week)
- Best of Fierce Panda records
- Drowned in... the year 2000
- My 15 favourite albums
- My songs of the 90s
- DrownedinShoegaze (for DiS' special shoegaze week)  
- DrownedinAltCountry (for DiS' special alt country week)
- SeaninSummer
- Drownedin... covers (created from a thread on our boards)
- The Nepture Music Prize (DiS' alternative to the Mercury nominated albums)
- Fear & Birthday (a emo/rock-filled mixtape I made for a friend's birthday)
- Drowned in I Heart Studios (an electronic mixtape I made for a friend's studio)
- Drowned in... MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
- Reading Festival - Greatest Hits
- Glastonbury 2009 - 4 preview playlists
- This is Thamesbeat Or An Ode to Eel Pie Sunsets
- DiSssmaaasss!! - festive playlist
- DiS' Hallowe'en playlist

And a few playlists I really like created or compiled by friends of mine...
- John Peel's Festive 50s compiled
- Ollie Russian's Britpop Massive
- Emily Haines' mixtape for DiS readers (which ran as part of Metric week)
- Thrash Hits' Sonisphere 2009 slaylist
- Field Day 2009
- P2K: Pitchfork's songs of 00s
- NME's albums of the 00s
- Rough Trade's albums of 2009
- Whiskas (forward russia's) 2009 favourite albums and songs 
- Christian Ward's 50 songs of 00s

If for any reason you need an invite to use Spotify email me sean [atttt] drownedinsound [dottt] com, as I have 22 left. 

So, which of your playlists should I be listening to? Share links below... for more playlists check out Spotifriday every Friday over on


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darci said...

This is a pretty wild idea, and I really dig it. Out of the games so far, I definitely liked the M83 one the best, probably because "Intro" is such a great song to inspire a cool game. The M83 tunes that Morgan Kibby contributes to are usually my favorite and "Intro" is no exception. Cool stuff, Pitchfork now let's see if they actually develop this instead of milking it for what it's worth and then forgetting about it (can anyone say Altered Zones?)

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