Thursday, 15 October 2009

To all PRs, Labels, Bands, etc... who POST us CDs and things...

In case you did not get this email and still have incorrect information for us!

URGENT: Please remove "1 Junction Mews" and "1 Chilworth Mews" from your database.


Apologies for the mass email and that this is fifth time I've contacted some of you but I really-really need you to update your contact database for DrownedinSound, theQuietus, theLipster and Thrash Hits and remove the (above) address you're currently using.

About 7months ago we moved out of our office and have been unable to set-up mail forwarding. Our former landlord is threatening legal action as the attached full sack of post is how much I'm receiving and throwing away every fortnight - most of which is either irrelevant to what we cover or we're getting via other means.

Many of you are still sending mail to theLipster which closed earlier this year. Some of you are sending packages 5+ times to members of DrownedinSound staff who were made redundant a year+ ago. All of this is a huge waste of your funds and terrible for the enviroment (personally I prefer to receive ALL MUSIC DIGITALLY).

If you wish to send promo material to contact raz AT, if you wish to send things to contact luke AT

If you wish to send ALBUMS for review on please contact our part-time albums editor andrzej AT

If you wish to send SINGLES for's weekly singles column, please contact music AT (she prefers mp3s)

In your database is antiquated, please ensure all of the following names of former DiS members of full-time staff are removed from your database:

Drowned in Sound
- Mike Diver
- Colin Roberts
- Alex Denney
- Gareth Dobson
- Kev Kharas
- Sam Strang
- Jude Rogers
- Rebecca Nicholson

Many thanks

Sean AT

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