Wednesday, 11 March 2009

SW1XLDN 2009 - a taste of 6th street comes to London for one-night-only

A party for those off us NOT off to Austin this year.
Hosted by

Tues 17th March 2009
18:00 - 21:00
Uptairs @ The Texas Embassy - Bar & Cantina
1 Cockspur Street, SW1Y 5DL
London, United Kingdom (gmap)


This is a special party, hosted by, upstairs at The Texas Embassy in Trafalgar Square, London, SW1. [We're currently looking for a sponsor for the bar]

Q: Why would you wanna fly several thousands of miles, cross various time zones and then queue like cattle just to drink a pint of Lone Star and hang out with people from the music business?

A: This year you don't have to.

We're not going to Texas this year, so DiS is throwing a party especially for those of us suffering from SXSW burnout or much more likely, the wrath of the bleeding hands of the recession, and therefore not making the annual pilgrimage to the self-proclaimed live capital of the world!

Whilst our duteous peers board planes, let's have a gathering of the great and the good who've been left behind. Drink Mohitos, Margaritas and far too many Lone Star's. They also have quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, ribs, steaks, various sizzling platters......

We'll finish by 9 so you can run off and catch 6 gigs before sleeping in your own bed... or hell, book a hotel six miles outta town and throw up in the sink at 4am after turning up at 3 parties just as the bars closed, if you wanna get the 'authentic SXSW experience'.

More details to follow. RSVP (as a comment below or on facebook here) so I can get an idea of numbers. It holds a few 100 people so should be fine for everyone to get in without the need for guestlists and all that toss.

Please note: We're considering having some over-hyped blog-buzz bands play a 40minute soundcheck followed by a 10 minute set on a dodgy p.a. but we'll probably go see Pulled Apart by Horses at White Heat instead.

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Lee John Howson said...

I will be there!

This is the best coincidence ever in that I am in London that day for my interview to get my US visa to move to Austin later this year! Also, I really wanted something to do in London that night + I <3 DiS = major winner for me. I'll be bringing a real Austinite with me too!

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